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Padman is an author of an upcoming Hypnotherapy book, to be published by Black Card Books.

Who is Edmonton’s Padman Pillai?

Padman Pillai is a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist practicing at Edmonton based Wellness Hypnotherapy. Using self-hypnosis techniques, Padman has overcome years of chronic lower back pain and severe scoliosis. After being registered as a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist he decided to open the Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic Inc. to serve the Edmonton area. Padman’s calling has led him to assist clients with achieving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through transformational therapies.

Padman Pillai believes that Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist are not just therapists but coaches, healers, and teachers, each role as vital as the one preceding it. His mission is to provide his clients with honest, enthusiastic, caring and compassionate service in the safest, most productive atmosphere he can provide. Padman specializes in past life regression, age regression, life between life regression, and the emotional freedom technique (benevolently manipulating the body’s energy through its meridian points).

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Fellow of the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF), U.S.A.
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist (C.C.H)
  • Certified Instructor (C.I) by National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Access Consciousness Bars practitioner
  • Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)
  • Member of the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) specialist
  • Student of Healing Master program (Trivedi Effect) for 5 years

Padman has also attended Dr. Brian Weiss’s Past Life Therapy Course. This methodology of hypnotherapy, known as past life regression, has become a favorite specialty of his. Various clients in the Edmonton area have sought out his services to access their past lives in order to discover and remove the trauma that is causing them anxiety, stress or other dysfunctions.

Padman presented a one day seminar on hypnotherapy at the department of counselling psychology, University of Kerala, India in January-2015. He has appeared on several television programs such as City TV’s Breakfast Television, CTS- TV, Global TV and SURYA TV.

Padman has used the Edmonton based Wellness Hypnotherapy clinic as a platform to safely and effectively help clients for over fifteen years. He is not only a practicing Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist but a mentor to others in and around the profession. He is continually learning and updating his training by attending and speaking at international hypnosis and healing conferences. As an international presence in the hypnotherapy world, Padman’s honest personality and legitimate concern for his clients has made him a renowned and sought after Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist.

Never Stop Learning

Staying ahead of the competition is important in any industry. That is why Wellness Hypnotherapy makes it part of our policy and business ethics that our staff never stops learning. Courses and Conferences; if there is a new development in the industry then we want to make sure that our Edmonton clients can depend on us to make that development available to them.

Wellness Hypnotherapy prides itself on being the go-to choice for clients who want to know what the current industry can offer.

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I recently had a past life regression session with Mr. Padman Pillai, that was quite profound. To be truthful, I was originally hesitant to take the session with Padman because I felt that women were more intuitive in matters like this. But, as I found out, my hesitation was completely unwarranted. The moment I entered Padman's house I felt a sense of tranquility come over me with it's peaceful ambience. Padman's calm demeanour compounded this feeling. I knew that I was with someone who was professional and quite knowledgeable with past life regressions because of the single-mindness' approach he used. It was incredible the images I beheld and the emotions that surfaced as I went through my previous lives. But, what was profound was experiencing the relationship my wife and I had in a previous life! As I look back on our current relationship it makes so much sense as to why things have happened the way they have. The confusion and anxiety have left me and I can now approach our relationship with much more love and understanding. I have recommended Padman to a close friend, who has made an appointment with him, and I highly recommend Padman to anyone that is considering a past life regression. Thank you Padman.

ROBERT LONG April-19-2016

I have known padman for 13 years and 5 months.

He among other things, specializes in Hypnotherapy and runs a Condominium. He has keen interest in Spirituality.

We work together in community activities. He is very passionate, dedicated, disciplined and thoroughgoing in whatever he does.


Dear Padman,

I had a session of Hypnotherapy and Healing with you in LA on January-24th-2016 during the Mary Morrissey’s conference.

Thank you for helping me. I have felt a remarkable change in the past few weeks since I have met you. The only word that can be expressed is the feeling of freedom! I truly did not believe this could exist for me. The looming, deep, sadness in my heart for over 30 years is lifted. Before coming to see you, I had tried several remedies, counseling, group sessions, and many, many books to help end the sadness, but none of these efforts was true relief or long lasting. I was in deep despair when I met you thinking that I would always carry this burden into the future. I was hesitant and skeptical at first because of my past experiences and attempts to alleviating my broken heart. However, you seemed to understand immediately the pain, sorrow, and suffering that I was experiencing and knew exactly how I felt with only a few words. You seemed to sense the words of sorrow I was unable to express. I was willing to give it another try because of your genuine presence of safety and security. With your help, I have released the sadness, pain, and longing. My heart is healing. You have brought me a soft, gentler future without the shadow of doom and ever present, lasting pain. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you so very much for your sensitivity, unique skills, and your deep understanding. I will be forever grateful to you. I look forward to a future of freedom and a sweet, loving, gentler life.

Thank you!
Renee, U.S.A

I have known padman for 47 years.

Padman's area of expertise is expanding your growth potential. He uses an integrated approach combining hypnotherapy, meditation, and coaching to help address challenges or physical ailments in your life. No approach is the same, hence why his client base is so diverse from people looking for weight loss to sales people who want to maximize their performance. Padman is also a good listener and will equip you to tackle life's most challenging problems. He bases his success on your success.

Although I'm a family member to Padman Pillai, I feel my on-going success is directly attributed to being immersed in his positive/"you-can-do anything" attitude. In his 60s he tried surfing, at 70 he crossed a man-made river holding on to a pulley with his bare hands, and he continues to work 50 hour weeks as he nears 80. There's no "I can't do" in his vocabulary and this comes through when dealing with the hardest of clients. He takes on their problem as if it were his own and doesn't give them a quick fix but lasting results.

Thara Pillai

"After having all y teeth removed and moving into the next step of denture placement I realized that I had a severe case of gag-reflex, the upper dentures caused me to gag the moment I put them in my mouth. My Denturist carved the upper roof of the denture to point where he had to stop as to allow proper adhesion of the denture to my upper roof of my mouth. He was out of ideas. I went to the my dentist and he also had no ideas but suggested Hypnotherapy as a last resort. Knowing no one I took a chance looked in the phone book and contacted Padman.. What a wonderful moment it was when I met him at his door. A feeling of calm and peace surrounded me as if I had known this individual all my life.Padman was very honest with me explaining that he had never attempted this particular problem before. We spoke for a while as to understand each other more in detail and then continued to his session of Hypnotherapy. Once completed Padman asked me to put my dentures in my mouth. Sceptical I did so and low and behold no gagging.. It now has been 9 months and I have not had any problems what so ever. My time spent with Padman was very rewarding and I would strongly recommend his talents and services to any of you suffering with any disabilities. Padman is a warm caring individual with incredible talents in his field of hypnotherapy. I so welcome all you to try his expertise. You will be well rewarded"


"Padman is a gentle man and a wonderful healer. He has a deep appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of body, mind, spirit healing. I am happy to recommend Padman Pillai."

Mary O'Maley, MSHN, CHtI
Professional Intuitive Consultant, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist

"Thank-you Padman for your amazing healing techniques. I have worked diligently to do everything I can to heal and reduce the inflammation from the severe permanent injuries sustained in an elevator accident. Becoming a strict vegan, eating only raw food twice/day, eliminating white flour and white rice from my diet, and doing yoga and pilates to strengthen the muscles around all of my injuries; but your healing techniques have also played a key role in reducing the chronic pain levels even further that were still present on a daily basis. The Universe sent me this gift of healing from you, and I will continue to pay it forward with each person that I meet both in my Hypnotherapy Practice and in my personal life. Thank-you for this priceless gift!"

Meera D.

Have a wonderful day!

Love & Light,

I have known padman for 10 months.In my case, Hypnotherapy.

Padman is the ultimate professional with a great sense of humor and humanity. Very personable, easy to talk to, good listener and a master of human behavior. I came to Padman with a severe eating disorder. He understood and treated the disorder with passion.

Michael Meins


I have known padman for 3 months.

Dr. Pillai is experienced in the field of hypnotherapy, meditation, and healing for many different areas and situations in a person's life.

Dr. Pillai is very kind, warm and caring. He genuinely cares about what you are experiencing and aiding in your healing. He makes sure you are comfortable and safe. His calm nature makes one feel at home. I would recommend him to anyone needing healing in their lives.