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Hypnotherapy Treatments

Improving the Mental, Emotional and Physical Health of Edmonton

The practice of hypnotherapy is constantly being improved upon and we take it upon ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. Because we offer so many different services, a constant stream of information is necessary for us to give our clients the best care possible. Padman regularly attends and gives lectures at hypnotherapy conferences and, as such, is learning constantly. The dedication and commitment he has to bettering himself as a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist allows Wellness Hypnotherapy to provide a variety of services to the Edmonton area, from help with mental disorders all the way to physical ailments.

Our Hypnotherapy Services:

  • Addiction: because much of addiction is in the mind, Wellness Hypnotherapy offers different treatments options for various types of addiction. We have helped clients quit smoking, overeating, as well as eliminated drug and gambling addictions.
  • Pain: one of our specialties is treating chronic pain. Our clients use hypnotherapy as an effective compliment to their physician prescribed medication. We have treated pain and discomfort related to accidents as well as the more localized issues like TMJ syndrome and even childbirth pain!
  • Stress: At Wellness Hypnotherapy we know that anxiety, panic and OCD spectrum disorders are formed by emotional blocks and hypnotherapy excels at removing these. We are also able to relieve fears, phobias, insomnia and stuttering!
  • Wellness: Padman Pillai has been able to help both athletes and those in work oriented professions perform at the highest level possible. Wellness Hypnotherapy has helped clients to set goals and improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, and motivation.
  • Reproduction: Often time’s unexplained infertility is due to a mental barriers, stress and environmental toxins. We have helped clients with frigidity, impotence, sexual dysfunctions and even relief of morning sickness!

Padman and the Wellness Hypnotherapy clinic provide Edmonton’s residents with solutions for many mental and physical maladies. As a trusted institution we strive to ensure our clients comfort and satisfaction with our services. Because we are constantly updating our training and are so focused on the success of our system, we will not book more than one appointment at a time with our clients. This way, if a customer doesn’t feel they have made any progress after one visit, they don’t feel obligated to return for further assistance.



Smoking has become a terrible curse for the wellbeing of our society. Although millions of people all over the world die a terrible death due to smoking related causes, people who smoke justify their habit with excuses. They not only suffer financially, health wise and socially, but burden their family and society as a whole. Governments spend billions of taxpayer dollars on smoking related health care. So what is the solution?

First of all let us look at why people smoke in spite of cigarettes being a poison to human beings.

1. People who smoke are brain washed into believing that smoking is an addiction. Is this true? No one’s physical body malfunctions when they stop smoking. In fact, all the scientific studies demonstrate that the human body gets better and heals perfectly once smoking stops. In certain situations people can find the determination to stop smoking, like taking a 10 hour plane ride, recovering in a hospital for days, or sleeping during the night. If smoking is an addiction it is impossible not to smoke in these situations.

2. Another factor is the faith in the familiar. For instance, having a cup of coffee and a smoke, driving and lighting up a cigarette, smoking upon waking up in the morning. These are all habitual situations of which the person is not consciously aware. That is all. However, someone can choose not to smoke and save hard earned money and their health.

3. People who smoke identify with cigarettes and use it as a crutch. They think if they stop smoking they will be short tempered and cranky. They feel that they can handle emotional upheavals easily if they smoke. There are people who did not smoke for several years and suddenly pick up smoking when faced with a sudden emotional trauma.

4. They believe the lies told about cigarettes.

  • a. They think cigarettes help you to relax. The truth is smoking makes you edgy and unhealthy
  • b. They think smoking relieves boredom. The truth is your mind and intellect can overcome boredom.
  • c. They think cigarette ease your stress and anxiety. The truth is deep breathing relaxes you whenever you feel stressed or anxious.
  • d. They think that smoking is hard to beat. It is just part of a routine. The truth is hypnotherapy can easily make you a non-smoker forever.
  • e. People who smoke believe that somehow they miss this poison. The truth is they will feel really good without it.
  • f. People who smoke (especially women) believe that if they stop smoking they will put on extra weight. Smoking dehydrates the body just like a beef jerky. So when one stops smoking the body absorbs and retains a little extra water to hydrate the cells, and one may put on a couple of extra pounds weight. However, if one has a healthy lifestyle and eats nutritious food in proper proportions their weight will not be an issue.
  • g. Many believe that they enjoy smoking. This is a false idea. Ask “What was my experience when I smoked a cigarette for the first time? Did I enjoy it? Or did I huff and cough and throw it away?” As a non- smoker now I can categorically say that I really never enjoyed the smoking experience.
  • h. They feel uncomfortable without a cigarette in their hand. This is just another habit. You can choose to get rid of this habit and be free from it very easily.

Now let us look at the benefits you get when you become a non-smoker.

1. Save tons of money:

  • a. Cigarettes and other accessories cost a lot of money.
  • b. Accidental destruction to clothing, furniture, carpets and the whole house.
  • c. Unnecessary health costs for medications and other treatments.
  • d. Extra life insurance premiums.

2. No longer being treated like a social outcast

3. Health benefits:

  • a. More energy
  • b. Improved sense of taste and smell
  • c. Improved breathing
  • d. Improved voice
  • e. Less irritated eyes
  • f. Cleaner, healthier teeth and gums
  • g. Fresher breath
  • h. Wake up feeling better
  • i. Improved blood circulation: warmer fingers and toes
  • j. Improved blood pressure
  • k. Fewer headaches
  • l. No sore throat
  • m. No wheezing or smoker’s cough
  • n. Lower risk of emphysema
  • o. Diminished risk of many cancers, especially lung, larynx, oral cavity, bladder etc.
  • p. Lower risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • q. Less risk of gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • r. Less heart burn and acid indigestion
  • s. Lower risk of pneumonia and bronchitis
  • t. Lower risk of blood clots when you use oral contraceptives
  • u. Lower risk of male impotence
  • v. More satisfying sex
  • w. No longer smelling like smoker
  • x. No nicotine stains on fingers and teeth
  • y. Looking younger. Reeducation in wrinkles and puffiness around eyes
  • z. Improved complexion
  • aa. Reduction in inflammation in the body
  • bb. Stronger bones and less chance of getting osteoporosis
  • cc. Freedom from dependency
  • dd. Feel great

4. Cleaner home and car

.5. Become a role model for YOUR FAMILY and others

At Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic, we have a “ONE SESSION STOP SMOKING PROGRAM” at a small fraction of the annual cost of maintaining the most dangerous habit of smoking. PLEASE CALL (780) 903-1222 NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. BECOME A CLEAN LIVING PERSON FOR EVER!