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Quitting Smoking in Edmonton

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 You know smoking is unhealthy. You know all the statistics and the facts. You know personally the debilitating effects that an unwanted addiction can have on a person. You’ve tried to break the habit countless times before. But no matter how hard you try, or how long you go without it, that nasty craving is relentless. Wellness Hypnotherapy understands the power and control that addiction wields over a person’s life and well-being. More importantly, we know how to break it. Call today to book your first appointment (780) 903-1222.


Padman Pillai, Our Certified Hypnotherapist

Padman Pillai is a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist practicing in Edmonton, AB. He is a Fellow of the International Hypnosis Federation (I.H.F.), a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist (C.C.H.), and a Member of the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, among many other accreditations and memberships. He has been a guest on several professionally broadcasted interviews and is a published author. His upcoming book Smoking Is a Trap will be released very soon. For over 15 years, Padman Pillai has been passionately helping thousands of clients with his in-depth knowledge of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking with a 94% Success Rate After First Session

Our hypnotherapy for quitting smoking sessions are three hours long, but the results last a lifetime. 94% of Padman Pillai’s clients successfully overcome their smoking addiction after the first session and do not require further treatment.

Don’t let an addiction rule your life. Quit your lifelong smoking addition with hypnosis—in just one session!

Hypnosis for Smoking Addictions: How it Works

Smoking is a particularly challenging addiction to break because it is both a mental and physical addiction. Many store-bought cessation aids––like nicotine patches––are useful in cutting off your physical (conscious) cravings. Your psychological (subconscious) addiction, however, remains active. Your subconscious addiction is more powerful than your conscious urges. It is what tells you to reach for a cigarette when you’re stressed and triggers the need for a smoke after dinner.

Padman Pillai’s intensive hypnotherapy sessions are effective because they target your subconscious mind directly. Using a variety of clinical methods and strategies, Padman Pillai will relax your state of mind and disconnect it from the conscious part of your brain. In this trance-like (but still aware) state, you will be more receptive to new information. This is where we begin reframing your perceptions about smoking, effectively retraining your brain to break your existing smoking habits and patterns.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking: What Do the Sessions Entail?

Our hypnotherapy for quitting smoking sessions are 90 minutes long, but the results last a lifetime. 94% of Padman Pillai’s clients successfully overcome their smoking addictions after the first session and do not require further treatment. However, in some cases, multiple sessions may be necessary.

Quit Smoking for Good with Hypnotherapy

Surface-level methods like patches and pills may help temporarily, but they won’t attack your smoking addiction at its source. Much like pulling a weed, you have to remove the root if you don’t want it to grow back after time. Hypnosis for quitting smoking gets to the very bottom of your addiction. Padman Pillai will address your psychological and emotional ties to the drug, allowing you to walk out of our clinic with a reframed and renewed state of mind. Discover what it’s like to live addiction-free. Discover how hypnotherapy can change your life by calling our clinic at (780) 903-1222 and speaking with a professional today.