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Hi Padman, I am celebrating 6 months smoke free! Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are an amazing person and gifted healer, with many talents, stories and wisdom. So grateful to have found you. I look forward to more sessions with you in my future. God Bless!

Kindest regards,



Dear dr. Padman,

The most amazing things have been happening! I have the beautiful girlfriend and home, already, which we established in my suggestions at the first session, when I was single and alone. However, now I've gotten a prayer commanding me to wed her! I've known for some time that I will marry her and now I've been told the very day. October 10. (this is information, not a request for counsel)

Are you familiar with muscle-testing? I understand it is accessing the universal sum-total of human experience by the power of the body to be a physical binary switch. This assesses what is life-giving (strong) and what is life-taking (weak). The power of belief that you've shown me has worked and I understand better how it is scaffolding to a greater reservoir.

My trading is going very well. I'm on course for independent living with my soon to be wife, in 2018.

All of it was there in the beginning. Thank you so much for being that maieutic shepherd and bringing me to it. All the best for the rest of 2017!!




Good day, (dr) Padman. The gratitude exercises have worked incredibly well. Louise is doing the same and we both find that we find the other person in our gratitude visualization-affirmations.

I'm reading Hawkins Power Vs Force. This is an excellent step. It complements the pineal exercises, philosophically.

I'm starting a production of a musical called The Commune. I'm having a first reading this week, to see if it has legs. My partner Garner (writer-actor) is learning this is all possible through belief. He kept saying, "man, I believe in you," And I kept responding, "you believe this is happening."

Thank you for your teachings. You are my guru. The essence of this gratitude is that you have chosen to share this, something that is universally accessible but the philosopher-king must come down and show the guardians where it is. Deep regards.


Testimonial from S.R


Hello Padman,

Although I would love to write a review, I am unable to do so without including my full name to which I am not comfortable with.

I am happy to say that the session was amazing and I have laughed more in 5 days than I have in 5 years. The ability to laugh is a gift too many take for granted, and I am truly grateful to you for returning this gift to my life.

I will contact you in the near future to schedule my quit smoking session. In the interim I will continue to laugh and enjoy my beautiful new jasmine plant in my bedroom and the memories of wellbeing the smell invokes.

See you soon,


Testimonial from J.P

Dear Padman,
I was driven more by the curiosity and the mystery surrounding what a hypnotic experience is like; than any pressing mental or other issues requiring attention that I came to you. The experience was really unique in the sense that I never had any such experience in the past.
After the session was over I felt a sense of lightness as if I have unburdened myself of some baggage. I think now I look at the world around me in a little more positive way.
I once again thank you for this wonderful experience!

Testimonial from April


Thank you for the wonderful experience. Anyone can benefit from visiting Padman. I had a fantastic experience and would highly recommend Padman to anyone looking for truth and comfort. I am looking forward to my new life. The time spent with Padman was completely time well spent and very inviting and comfortable. Glad I have made the choice to seek help.

Testimonial from Samantha Riemer


Hi Mr. Pillai,

Just wanted to say thank you because we won this weekend and got a paid invitation to the World Championships! I've never felt so good competing! I did everything you said and I did not feel anxious at all. I'm extremely happy and grateful that you were able to help me with this! .

Testimonial from Jody Carter Van Slyke

From the Facebook page of Edmonton Hypnotherapy

I‘ve had anxiety since childhood stuff from the past that is holding me back. From being at peace and not living in the now, I have been in selfhelp EMDR therapy. It really helped, but I wanted more! I was very skeptical about HYPNOTHERAPY. I booked a session with Padman. He was very kind and easy to talk to. I was shocked to find how clear my mind was after my chatter box stopped. I slept like a baby that night. I would definitely recommend Padman to anyone who is feeling like that you are at a breaking point and no hope. Call Padman to-day. You can truly tell that he is doing this to help others and he is very genuine and not a fraud. Thanks Padman, I would definitely see you again.